Monday, December 8, 2008


Continuing in the frame of the first studio, architectural production drawn by parametric and associative environments, the idea was to develop a project from conception to construction with a team of 20 people from 10 different countries, during a very intensive deadline of 7 weeks. The basis a Dome, the goal, to achieve a parametric model, full of components which could be self supported and fabricated. Including in the design the embbeding of technology as a reaction to the outside world. The studio divided itself into groups dedicated into specific tasks throughout the whol 7 weeks, making tryouts and designing specific parts of the whole dome and presentation:

-Parametric modeling
-Structure Analysis
-Embedded Technologies
-Video and Documentation

At the end we managed to create a presentation of a 1:1 Parametric Self suportted Dome made with white cardboard, with interacting leed illumination, and this is how the process looked:

IaaC 2007-2008 Development Studio in Digital Tectonics
Tutors: Marta Male-Alemany - Victor ViƱa Assistant: Shane Salisbury
Rodrigo Langarica Avila -
Mariana Paz Castellanos - Agata Kycia - Dorota Kabala - Eric Thorson - Francisca Aroso - Georgia Voudouri - Giorgos Machairas - Higinio Llames - Ismini Koronidi - Jordi Roses - Juergen Weiss - Krzsysztof Gornicki - Luis Odiaga - Marcelo de la Riba - Maria Eftychi - Monika Szawiola - Pete Booth - Verena Vogler