Tuesday, December 2, 2008


The idea of the seminar is to look at the relationship between the web and everyday elements, opening the idea of embedded programed technologies into everyday articles, and specifically to architecture, the next step would be to integrate this to the web, to have a complete network of things working all together from a remote location, or from direct interaction, and this could eventually become linked through the web. There is an interesting article in this matter written by Neil Gershenfeld, Raffi Krikorian and Danny Cohenof the bits and atoms department in MIT.

We all developed a single device which could have touch, sound,light or movement inputs resulting in the same outputs, created a circuit for this, and then we programmed a script to control the circuit, each of us had the possibility of creating an installation where several devices with our own script could interact, or we could explore interaction between devices with different scripts running at the same time.

IAAC 2007-2008 Internet 0
Supervisors: Victor ViƱa
Author: Mariana Paz Castellanos