Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Architectural Components (from Phaenotype to Genotype)

The idea was to continue working with parametric software in order to design a space with the capacity of combining a self structured parametric skin with elements capable to control the radiosity and sound effects. The cell has a size capable to fit at least 10 people at one time, but the main issue is that it has the possibility to modify its overall shape or components by changing the parameters which are taken from the surrounding environment; some of which are the amount of light, terrain inclinations, inner space needed, etc. In order to explore its materiality and to allow a natural growth based on the main configuration of the geometry and the material itself, each individual component creates a grid capable to stretch and generate new variations.

The honeycombs are capable of tiling a plane with minimal surface area, even though its main strength is based on the superposition of elements. Considering this characteristic and avoiding to have only an ornamental lattice; a relation of geometric constraints integrate a self structured cell in which every element is independent in terms of depth and size but at the same time works as a group collection when it comes to integrate a closed shape. In order to develop a parametric model, an associative protocol had to be followed to integrate every single element into the final cell.

Here you can see a video showing how the model works when the set of parameters and geometric relations are being modified to create new versions of the same prototype.

The structural system has the possibility to support itself, nevertheless I developed a secondary system in which a set of triangles create a double layer contact surface that increase the rigidity of the skin.

The aim of the project was to reach the fabrication stage in which the whole system could be proved. One of the variations of the base model was constructed in a model. Here you can see a video of the whole process.

IAAC 2007-2008 Theme 3: Architectural Components (from phaenotype to genotype)
Supervisors: Martin Sobota
Author: Mariana Paz Castellanos