Thursday, December 4, 2008


We explored the possibilities that emerge from parametric and associativity integrating tools that are linked to a different design mentality where changes can be made at any moment and perceived in real time propagating the changes through all other associated files.
The main idea was to use the color code R G B for the lighter and the darkest color eye of each one of us, in this way I would have a unique combination for everyone and at the same time I could generate a matrix with 6 independent sets of data for everyone. Along with this, we used some other measurements as the lip’s size creating a matrix which gave us a particular set of data for each one.
After much consideration, we chose to explore other ideas for our parametric design project. We have studied some interesting objects related to lip and eye measurements and decided to develop “pipes” for our final customised element.The final model was simplified after many versions to a simple tube with some circles defining the profile of the element and a central spline structuring the spine of the element. Along with the customized versions for each one of us the most challenging aspect of the model was to establish the correct relationships between the spline and the perpendicular curvature of the circles.

Along with the final model constructed as a tube, a second layer was developed to generate the mesh defining the envelope of the pipes that will serve as a box. Individual components were designed as a base module.

Here is a video showing how the model works in Top Solid:

3d printing: A rapid prototyping model in powder with bonding agent was used to create three models. Once of these models features a texturized surface based on the component mesh generated through parametric design. Electronic files were transferred from Topsolid to Rhino and then saved as a stereography for 3D printing.

Laser cutting: A study model was developed to explore the design of a texturized box that would host the pipe. Files were extracted from Topsolid and unfolded as a flat surface.

IAAC 2007-2008 Parametric Design I
Supervisors: Marta M. Alemany
Authors: Maite Bravo,
Mariana Paz Castellanos, Jordi Roses